Changes In Our Services Offerings

During the peak of COVID-19, LuxShots decided to offer still photography services, when our demand for video production was understandably low. With high vaccination levels, returned a surge in demand for our core video production services. In order to offer our clients the absolute best service possible, we have decided to sunset our professional photography services and return to a video focused company. This change has no bearing on our current customers that have photography services in the pipeline, as we will always honor our commitment to our clients.

Nevertheless, we will no longer offer photography services from the date of the post forward.

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Equipment Sale: GH5S and More

I’m selling one of my cameras to make an equipment upgrade. The details are as follows:

  • Panasonic GH5S
  • Panasonic Leica 12-60 f/2.8-4
  • Aftermarket battery grip
  • 5 OEM batteries

The camera is in excellent condition and fully functional. The original box for the camera along with the manuals is included, but the lens does not have either. I think I also have the strap, but I am not certain.
There is a small scratch on the lens hood, shown in the photos. Glass on the lens, the camera sensor and the LCD are all immaculate. 

LuxShots Brings Back Wedding Photography.

Back by popular demand, LuxShots is now offering Wedding Photography services to our clients! We have offered the highest quality wedding film and videography for the last few years, but our clients continued to request photography services. 

Just like we ensured our clients would have with the highest quality video available with our 4K offerings, we our delivering our digital imagery using the best modern full frame digital cameras that produces stunning photos!

For the remainder of 2019, we are offering 10% off for wedding photography bookings for the 2020 wedding season.

Don’t delay! Book LuxShots for your wedding imagery needs today!

The Benefits of Ad Agency Projects

If you rate the type of work from the most attractive jobs to the least desirable work, Advertising Agency, or Agency work always comes in at the top in my book.

There is nothing like doing a job with a dedicated creative director that is trained to relay exactly what they want captured within the a specified time window. Oftentimes that is not the case when you get a small business commercial where the client either isn’t certain what they want, or they will know it when they see it! This leaves you working triple time as the cinematographer/DP, creative directory (and if there is talent, the actual director!) as well as the producer.

This video was shot for the NFM + Dymun agency in Pittsburgh.


Now Scheduling: Wedding Film Productions

The time is upon us! LuxShots is currently scheduling Cinematic Wedding Video Production for the 2018-2019 season.

We have a few remaining openings for this year and they are going fast! LuxShots offers packages for:

  • Large and small weddings.
  • Coverage of local and destination ceremonies.
  • High quality video production with optional 4K.

Call us today at 888.539.5530 to book your special day!

Casting Extras – Bad Decisions Scene 5

LuxShots is currently casting 10 Extras for Bad Decisions – Scene 5, which will be shot on Sunday, August 6.  Snacks are provided.
You have an opportunity to see how major films are made from a behind the scenes point of view!

Synopsis: Jade and Shawn are an upper middle class couple who fall from grace into a pit of despair! On their last dime, they must choose from a list of bad decisions that test their morality and their dignity.

Don’t miss the opportunity to see yourself up on the Big Screen!

Crew Call Time: 16:00/4pm
Cast Call Time: 17:00/5pm
Extras Call Time: 17:30/5:30pm

Scene Overview:
This scene is a bar scene.  The location of the scene will be provided to those chosen

Time Commitment: Extras must be available for 4 hours. If you can’t be on set for this amount of time, please don’t apply.
Wardrobe:  Men, suits or shirts and slacks. Ladies dresses or slack suits.
Paperwork: Must sign a LuxShots Actor’s Agreement.

How to Apply:
Send a headshots to
For additional information, call LuxShots at 888.539.5530