About Us


LuxShots was born out of my love of photography. I always had a love for sunset and other landscape photography, but eventually, I wanted to incorporate my life with my friends and family into my hobby. I started out doing portraiture just using available light, but as I honed my craft, I added in strobe lighting to produce high quality professional portraiture, both indoors and out.


Eventually I added wedding photography to my list of offerings, as it brought me such joy watching people in love dedicate their lives to one another.











About 10 years ago, I started producing independent films and fell in love with the medium of motion pictures. I took my love of film and combined it with my passion for weddings to bring to life my wedding film productions.


Although we do a fair share of wedding work, LuxShots also produces work for corporate clients looking to produce commercials, infomercials, training videos and more.

If you have a project you’d like us to quote, give us a call to discuss your project.  


1156 Inverness Ave.
Youngstown, Ohio 44502
Office: 888.539.5530
E-mail: sales@luxshots.com