Casting Extras – Bad Decisions Scene 5

LuxShots is currently casting 10 Extras for Bad Decisions – Scene 5, which will be shot on Sunday, August 6.  Snacks are provided.
You have an opportunity to see how major films are made from a behind the scenes point of view!

Synopsis: Jade and Shawn are an upper middle class couple who fall from grace into a pit of despair! On their last dime, they must choose from a list of bad decisions that test their morality and their dignity.

Don’t miss the opportunity to see yourself up on the Big Screen!

Crew Call Time: 16:00/4pm
Cast Call Time: 17:00/5pm
Extras Call Time: 17:30/5:30pm

Scene Overview:
This scene is a bar scene.  The location of the scene will be provided to those chosen

Time Commitment: Extras must be available for 4 hours. If you can’t be on set for this amount of time, please don’t apply.
Wardrobe:  Men, suits or shirts and slacks. Ladies dresses or slack suits.
Paperwork: Must sign a LuxShots Actor’s Agreement.

How to Apply:
Send a headshots to
For additional information, call LuxShots at 888.539.5530